How to Become a Game Designer

Game Designer Job Description

With the advent of greater technology, the video game industry has been churning out increasingly better products. As such, top tier developers are looking for more educated individuals to join their teams and keep pushing out high quality games. By pursuing a career in video game design, interested individuals can have their part in producing the next high-profile game that they too would love to play. Finally, gamers can fully utilize their passion for interactive digital entertainment and get an education in how to become a video game designer.

Game Designer Specialization

Much like engineering or the medical profession, there is a great deal of specialization in the industry of video game design, and thus a plethora of career options to choose from when one decides to learn how to become a game designer. For instance, more artistically-inclined individuals can pursue a career in Game Art and Design, lending their hand in creating characters and crafting game worlds. People who are comfortable working with code and getting into the real structure of the games can get their education in Game Software Development.

Game Designer Duties and Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of someone with a game designer career is to develop and produce video games based on the expectations of the developer or design studio they are working for. Due to their specialization, however, individuals in the game design industry will each have unique jobs. People in the Art Department create characters and design worlds, while those in the Programming Department create the main code for the game. The responsibilities of that the graduate has when entering the video game industry are entirely contingent upon what they studied when learning how to become a games designer.

Game Designer Work Environment

Most studios offer a working environment that is equal parts relaxed and high-paced. Development studios are often very sociable working places that do their best to create long-lasting friendships among their workers. However, every individual in the studio is expected to have an unmatched diligence when it comes to getting their work done, especially in the weeks preceding a game’s release. In fact, a great deal of motivation and personal perseverance are among the most important game designer qualifications that the most renowned studios look for in their prospective workers.

Game Designer Education Requirements

In order to become a game designer, you will need to attend either a two year or four year program at one of the many colleges and online universities across that nation that offer programs in either Game Design or Interactive Entertainment. It is also possible to extend one’s education and get a Masters Degree to further learn how to become a computer game designer. Moreover, in order to get one’s foot into the door at the biggest name development studios, it is advisable to get an internship for a semester or a summer. Information on this and other career advice can be found at any accredited university’s Career Placement Center.

Game Designer Employment

After attaining a degree in any one of the multiple disciplines of video game design, graduates can enter the private sector in the form of a major developer’s office or design studio. With developers constantly producing higher-quality technologies, the industry is always in need of more educated designers and programmers, making game design a perfect way to utilize one’s education and get a career with limitless potential for growth.

Interested parties should definitely submit their information to one of the many accredited colleges and universities on the site. If one has a passion for video games and wants to start a career doing what they love, there is little reason to not look into the boundless opportunities offered by getting an education in video game design.